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  • Wolf CGL comfort large area ventilation units are designed as internal appliances for controlled ventilation in individual rooms. Alongside their primary use in classrooms and kindergartens, the units are also ideal for applications in conference rooms, club houses and restaurants, offices and canteens.

    Wolf CGL comfort large area ventilation units provide rooms with filtered outdoor air, the volume of which can be adjusted to ensure sufficient supply. At the same time, a corresponding volume of used ambient air containing CO2 is removed and expelled. This results in other pollutants such as odours, fine dust, moisture etc. being removed effectively as well.

    Heat is recovered via an aluminium countercurrent plate heat exchanger with efficiency levels up to and exceeding 90%.

    Continuously variable mechanical ventilation of the space according to demand is possible due to a CO2 sensor. Recommended application range from 300 m3/h to 800 m3/h.

The units comply with all the relevant standards and guidelines:

    • VDI 6022 Hygienic requirements for ventilating and air-conditioning systems and air-handling units
    • VDI 3803 Air-conditioning – Central air-conditioning systems – Structural and technical principles
    • DIN EN 13779 Ventilation of non-residential buildings – General principles and requirements

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