Engineering Energy Systems SA is one of the fast growing companies in Greece, financially strong, with high value working capital & vast experience on its expertise fields. Main activities of the company are Commercial & Technical, being able to support the customer on the design, installation &  maintenance of the Products & Systems.

Our product portfolio that consists of several expertise companies in the HVAC & Refrigeration areas as long as our strong team’s long experience and knowledge of related applications, secures the best solution for every situation, taking in mind always the added value provided to the customer.

Engineering Energy Systems’ diverse competencies include the design, commercialization, planning, commissioning and after sales service & support of customized cooling and heating systems, energy management & recovery solutions, refrigeration systems and environmental friendly applications and other electromechanical systems.

Acting as an advisor & consultant for the customer, we strive for excellence and we commit on providing high value services, solutions & systems.

Commercial & Industrial applications are the main focus of the company, specializing in Food Industry, Retail Industry, Chemical Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Logistics, Energy Power Plants, Oil & Gas Systems, Telecommunication & Data Centers, Health Care & Hospital Applications, Hotel Solutions, Supermarkets & Shopping Malls.

Our Activities grew the last years, having activities and references in Central & North Africa and Balkans.

Fast growing activities involve unique high technology and innovative projects with important customers, providing always a new and different perspective of problem solving.

We consider each individual customer and request important and our professional approach & organization in all activities satisfies our customer’s needs.