Standard features

DX Versions:
A Air-cooled units, with remote condenser
D Dual-Cooling air-cooled units, with remote condenser
F Indirect Free-Cooling units, with remote dry-cooler
Q Dual-Cooling water-cooled units
W Water-cooled units, for Cooling-Tower or Dry Cooler applications
Z Water-cooled units, for city water applications

Refrigerating circuit:
•    Rotalock connection to make the installation easier
•    Expansion valve with external equalization
•    Filter dryer and sight glass
•    Phase sequence relay
•    HP manual pressure switch and LP automatic pressure switch

CW versions:
•    Modulating 3-way valve

Air-flow configuration:
D Downflow
U Upflow
X Displacement

•    Drain pan made of AISI 403 stainless steel
•    Panels made in galvanized and powder coated RAL 7016
…..(anthracite grey) or RAL 9002 (grey white) metal sheet with
…..rounded edges
•    Hydrophilic treated evaporating coil
•    Air-flow switch
•    G4 filter
•    Supply- and return-air T sensors
•    Backward curved blades fans with EC motors
•    Full front accessibility for maintenance/servicing even with running unit
•    Compressor compartment separated from the airflow
•    Microprocessor control
•    Automatic breakers

Options and accessories

•    Programmable microprocessor control with LCD display 
•    Automatic air-flow control with display visualization 
•    Measurement and visualization of the water-flow and of the opening of the 3-way valve (for CW versions) 
•    Electronic driven electrical expansion valve
•    Dehumidification with humidity sensor
•    Humidifier with immersed electrodes
•    Humidifier with immersed electrodes, drain pump and inspectable cylinder
•    Electrical heaters
•    Re-heating systems:
…..› Hot-water coil with modulating valve
…..› Hot-gas ON/OFF coil (for DX versions)
…..› PRECISE – hot-gas coil with modulating valve (for DX versions)
•    Modulating hot-gas by-pass for capacity control
•    Clogged filter sensors
•    Condensing controls:
…..› Built-in control for air-cooled units (modulating fan-speed.control) with dedicated automatic breaker
…..› Pressostatic valve for water-cooled units
…..› Flooding valve on refrigerant side for external air T of -20°C 
•    Bigger liquid receiver
•    2-way valve for CW versions
•    Water leakage, fire and smoke sensors.
…..Temperature and humidity additional sensors
•    Programmable microprocessor
•    Alarmoption with extra potential free contacts
•    Rear air intake for upflow units
•    Door closure by lifting rod
•    Fresh air kit
•    Base frame
•    Base module
•    Plenum for horizontal or vertical air discharge
•    Direct Free-Cooling Plenum with modulating damper for downflow units
•    Serial cards for protocols: Carel  /  Modbus  /  Lonworks  /  Trend
•    HIWEB Hardware: Ethernet card for protocols: Bacnet  /  SNMP
•    HIWEB Software: Ethernet card for Web connectivity
•    GSM modem for SMS communication
•    LAN connection up to 8 units
•    Touch-Screen colour graphic display
•    New designed external panels and sunken screws for hermetic air
 tightness due to newest rack specific door gaskets

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