SCM Frigo


The refrigerating systems UM consist of air-cooled 
condensing units. The UM line provides solution with one
or two compressors with independent circuit. Units are
available with scroll, semi-hermetic reciprocating or semi-hermetic 
screw compressors.
For outdoor installation, it needs no protection and it consists of:

• Frame in painted galvanised steel
• Copper/aluminium condensing coils with protection filter
• Compressor/s
• Refrigerant Circuit/s
• Control and safety devices
• Electrical board

Units are delivered without refrigerant charge, with
dried refrigerant circuit and pressurized with nytrogen.
Remote cold room control panel (Included in the um supply)
With IP 55 fireproof plastic material casing, control
thermostat and UM condensing unit status lamps. 

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