New ErP Regulations


ErP 2015






Heating systems market will change with the new regulations 811/2013, 812/2013, 813/2013 and 814/2013 about eco-design and energy labeling related to all the equipments intended for heating and production of hot sanitary water.

Thermocold in the forefront for innovation and eco-design, takes up the European challenge excelling in the strict selection reserved to heating equipment manufacturers.

All Thermocold units are designed and manufactured in full compliance with the new standards about the environmentally friendly design (eco-design) and energy labeling (Labeling) introduced by the European regulations in force from 26 September 2015.

Change represents a concrete OPPORTUNITY: in this perspective the production activity of Thermocold has been instantly adapted to the new ErP standards (“Energy related Products” or “products related to the use of energy”). It signs a real turning point for heating systems market.

The HVAC world will change by implementing the new European measures directing the sales mix toward higher-efficiency devices: for this reason on each product an energy label displaying all the required performance, such as the seasonal energy efficiency, the emissions levels, the sound power and technical information the producer, must be provided.

Thanks to this label, the consumer will be able to compare features of different devices or heating systems and will be aware of its purchase, addressing its choices more and more on energy-efficient products.

The units are classified on a scale from A +++ to G in accordance to the efficiency with identical criteria and timing in all the European Union Member States.

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