WOLF MGK Gas condensing boiler


  • MGK is available in 5 boiler sizes covering a modulated and regulated range of powers from 23 to 294 kW. Combustion with extremely low pollutant emissions, and a high-performance heat exchanger made of tough aluminium-silicon alloy combine a long service life with a high thermal efficiency. The compact, space-saving construction, with no clearances to the rear or the left-hand side, means that the MGK is easy to fit and can be located directly next to a wall. The return temperature does not have to be boosted, and a minimum water circulation is also not required.

    Special attention was paid to easy operation servicing: all the connections lead upwards, and all the components can easily be reached from the front. The controller is already fully wired and can be used for a wide range of heating plant applications.

  • Connecting up to four gas-fired condensing boilers in cascade permits a power range of up to 1.2 MW.

    Wolf offers you 5 years guarantee, with 2 years on electrical and movable parts.  Gas condensing boilers for condensing operation and hot water generation.

    Inspected in accordance with DIN EN 437 / DIN EN 483 / DIN EN 677 and with the applicable EC directives.

    Approved for E/H and LL natural gas and for propane liquefied gas (category II2ELL3P).

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