Standard features

•    Split unit complete with outdoor motocondenser and indoor evaporating part (ceiling- or wall-mounted)
•    Programmable microprocessor
•    6-poles condenser fan for a low noise level
•    Multi-speed indoor fans
•    Double drain pain
•    Adjustable air discharge grill
•    Plug  Fan
•    Ductable execution 

Options and accessories

•    Emergency cooling 24 Vdc or 48 Vdc
•    Electronic driven electrical expansion valve
•    Electrical heaters
•    Additional modulating Free-Cooling damper
•    Condensing control with modulation of the fanspeed
•    Epoxy coating or copper/copper version of the condenser coil
•    Remote PGD display
•    Programmable microprocessor
•    Evaporator fan with backward curved blades and EC motor
•    Serial cards for protocols: Carel / Modbus / Lonworks / Trend
•    HIWEB Hardware: Ethernet card for protocols: Bacnet  /  SNMP
•    HIWEB Software: Ethernet card for Web connectivity
•    GSM modem for SMS communication
•    LAN connection up to 8 units
•    Touch-Screen colour graphic display
•    Variable speed BLDC compressor

Ceiling-mounted Version with Free-Cooling module

Wall-mounted Version

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