WOLF COB Oil condensing boiler


  • A true winner – the COB oil condensing boiler from Wolf.

    Power ranges:

    COB 15 up to 15 kW
    COB 20 up to 20 kW
    COB 29 up to 29 kW
    COB 40 up to 40 kW

    The COB from Wolf is multi-talented. Oil, oil-mixture or bio-oil – the COB can easily exploit any such fuel, and does so with a constant, optimum performance. This ensures future-proof eating with maximum efficiency!

    Technology that is a joy!
    Maximum efficiency – the thermal efficiency is 99% (HHV) / 105% (LHV)!

    Simple, cleverly thought-out handling – the installation advantages:
    Everything is there, everything works – plug & play!
    What this means is that you get an oil condensing boiler that is already fully assembled and cladded – fit it in place, plug it in and away you go! So easy, that your pocket and your heating installer are both happy!

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