CO2 Heat Pumps


Eco 2 – Air to water CO2 heat pumps

ECO2 represents the answer to your need of hot sanitary water production in the awareness of a growing sensiblity towards higher energy saving and reductiton of the CO 2 emission.
ECO2 offers the proper solution for every instal- lation requirement, wether it is in the residential, commercial or industrial sector.

The great challenge for energy and environment

Our society is actually called to face to very important callenges: retrieve and ensure energtic sources to substain the growth and ecomonic development of the developped countries and, even more, emerging countries; mitigate the process of clima alteration ensuring the protection of the environment.
Due to these exigences, we are obliged to carry out a real transiction towars a more substainable development and energetic system. In order to realize the potential of the energy saving of the EU, it is necessary to adopt a relevant change of our approach to the energy consumption.
Therefore it is necessary to modify radically our attitude so that all the european citizen can exploit the same quality of life even reducing the energy consumption. The target established by the European Vision 2020 can be resumed in the Energy Pack as following:
  • 20% consumption reduction;
  • 20% enviroment emission reduction;
  • 20% use of the renewable energies.

A natural solution to environment probelms… CO2 as refrigerant

Being not toxic and flammable, the CO2 (R744) has been widely used since 1940 as refrigerant fluid in the chiller systems. Actually due to the progressive limitations to the use of synthetic refrigerant in order to avoid the reduction of the ozone (Montreal 1987) and to restrain the immission in the atmosphere of greenhouse gasses, together with the development of components more reliable and suitable to high pressure, the CO 2 has been represented as one of the most interesting natural refrigerant, that is candidate to be widely used in the future.

CO2 advantages

  • Easy available
  • Cheap
  • Natural and not harmfull products. Although it is a greenhouse gas, the impact produced by the CO2, in this application is pratically void since for its application as refrigerant gas is derived form industrial process waste.
  • It is a production that has no safety problems
  • Not flammable and not toxic
  • Offers the possibility to set for the user the outlet temperature at 90° ensuring during all the year that the sanitary water keep the organoleptic features prescribed by laws and normatives.

Save the energy for an healthy planet

Europe is wasting his energetic resources. It does not means only a waste of money, but rather damage the environment and speed up the climate change.
The 80% of the actual energy resources are coming from fossil fuel (oil, coal, natural gas), while only the 20% is coming from nuclear power, hydraulic and bio-fuel, in equal proportions. The fossil fuels (gas, oil and coal) are limited and therefore they are not renewable but exhaustable.
To by pass the problem of low quantity and addiction to the traditional resources, new laws are going to be issued in EU to regulate the performance of heating systems in terms of environment protection and efficiency, such as the Directive regarding the building efficiency (EPBD), the labelling ECOLA- BEL and REACH regulation.
The unstoppable ongoing process of globalization make mandatory the energy saving program to ensure life on our planet.


The heat pump and its contribution to the objectives EU-2020

The heat pump for the airconditioning and heating is the technology more proper to reach the target of the EU 2020. Due to an efficiency higher than the standard, these systems are able to contribute to the appraoching of the target to reduce of 20% the consumption and CO 2 emissions in the environment.

Besides, the heat pumps are considered renewable thanking to the quota of energy taken from the air or water source (RES Directive) and therefore can add a value to the reaching of the third target, that is the use of renewable energy over 20% to be achieved within the 2020.


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