Brine chillers


Brine chillers  R404A – R507 R134a Capacity range 30 – 480 kW

Fluid solutions chillers designed for outdoor installation
with integrated air cooled condenser. The SW line provides
solutions with 2 or 4 compressors with 2 independent
refrigerating circuits. Our chillers are available with
storage tanks and pumps installed inside the unit. SW can
be equipped with semi-hermetic reciprocating or semihermetic
screw compressors. 
For outdoor installation, it needs no protection and consists of:

• Frame in painted galvanised steel
• Copper/aluminium condensing coils with protection filter
• Compressor/s
• Refrigerant circuit/s
• Plate or shell and tubes evaporators
• Control and safety devices
• Electrical board with microprocessor

Units are supplied with electrical test only. On
request they can be precharged with refrigerant.
Hydraulic circuit ends out of the evaporator/s. The
flow switch is supplied loose.
Units on catalogue are designed for ethylen
glycol applications. For other secondary fluids or
different working temperatures please contact our
technical/sales office. 

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