Highly efficient chillers for cooling or climate control

With the new GEA Grasso BluAstrum range, GEA presents highly efficient chillers with compact dimensions. The basic element of this range is a new generation of highly efficient screw compressors that achieve an excellent degree of efficiency for both full and partial loads thanks to speed regulation and variable Vi control. The intelligent user-friendly PLC control guarantees both maximum efficiency and low operating costs.

 GEA Grasso BluAstrum offers a long-lasting and sustainable solution using the natural refrigerant R717. The series fulfils the highest expectations for meeting cooling and refrigerant requirements in the temperature range from -15 °C to 15 °C.

Technical features:

  • Flooded expansion
  • Refrigerant ammonia (R717)
  • Plate heat exchanger as evaporator
  • Separator as compact unit
  • Optimised screw compressor with speed control as standard using a frequency converter
  • All condensing unit designs possible (liquid-cooled, air, evaporation)
  • Compact design
  • Optionally with noise insulation housing
  • Low refrigerant content (~90g/kW)
  • Optimised percentage content of evaporator and condensing unit; best ESEER values

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