Wolf Air heater LH


  • Designed for all kinds of space heating, air heaters from Wolf ensure constant, comfortable temperatures.

    Whether in the smaller version, the Wolf LH 25 with a volume flow rate of 2,100 m³ per hour, or in the most powerful version, the LH 100, with a volume flow rate of 9,000 m³ per hour, all Wolf’s air heaters have a mature, carefully designed technology, and are easy to fit and to service

  • Features:

    • Silver-coloured housing of welded and galvanised frame construction
    • Removable cladding panels, galvanised
    • Quiet-running 2-stage motor with built-in thermal contact breakers for full motor protection, 230 V, 400 V, explosion-protected version
    • Heat exchanger of Cu/Al, suitable for PWW, PHW up to PN 16 and up to 180 °C, steam up to 9 bar, galvanised steel as an alternative

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